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The Trainer Force

We activate your skills and turn you into winners.
We'll help you transform a good team into a great team.
We'll coax your staff to higher levels of performance so that your organization can achieve the outcomes you want: faster and with confidence. Your team, our training: compact, clever and centered.


You don’t wait to see what the future holds. You make it happen with your own vision. Brilliant ideas catch your attention.

You have an instinct for future developments in your field. For you, being at least one idea ahead of the crowd is a business imperative.

You know that there is more potential in your company. You can sense your staff's hidden talents, just waiting to be unlocked.

Does this sound familiar? Then select the compact training session from our modular kits that you need — at the time you really need it. Every module is a powerful unit in itself. The modules are designed to complement each other, creating a powerful alliance to energize your company's transformational process. There's much more to each unit than training for training's sake. You define the outcomes — and if you need us, we are here to support you as you set your individual goals. You decide how deep and extensive our analysis should be. You decide which à la carte modules you want and what we should prepare exclusively for you.
We’re ready to go. For your managers just as much as for your specialist teams.



You want to identify your employees’ hidden talents, target their development and lead your projects to success.



You want to project confidence and succeed with your ideas.



You want your company to transform ideas into the long-term innovations that will secure unprecedented and sustainable success.



If you could, would you book the complete package? No problem. With the “All-In” option, you receive a complete “carefree” training program that will make you and your team fit for the future.



Would you like to get to know us? A “Test Shot” will give you a quick introduction to our qualities.



You want to harness the full potential of your people and release of your team’s untapped energies.



You want to get your team fit so that they are equipped to join you in reaching the next level.



You want to give your employees a stylish and practical reward for their excellent work. Then say “Thank You” with a feel-good, inspiring and motivating training session.



Do you need a training course that is customized to your needs? Then play the wild card. We’ll design a customized training course in close cooperation with you.



Members of the Trainer Force work closely together as a multi-disciplinary, full-competence trainer squad. Complementing one another in a close-knit team, each trainer has their own specific expertise and a unique range of experience.


2 days. 4 trainers. Our recipe for success: a perfectly coordinated team of professional trainers who have done more than just spend their lives inside seminar rooms. Well conceived and targeted concepts. No lectures, just advanced training methods that engage and inspire. You get the training world’s equivalent of an espresso: small, strong and sumptuous.

Our compact training gives you exactly what you need. In everything we do, we know that there is nothing more valuable than your trust and your time — and that is what inspires us. We'll only offer frontal lectures and esoteric recitatives if that's what you really want.

We talk straight and deliver 100% on-the-job experience that gets results. Our training units are laser-focused and minimally disruptive, so you can get back to concentrating on your core business as quickly as possible.

  • Identify & unlock potential
  • News you can use
  • Experience & results
  • Transparency & clarity
  • Certified experts with front-line experience
  • Creativity & Motivation


We work with great brands. Close partnerships with really cool clients let us do impressive work.

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

- Benjamin Franklin -


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